Application features



- Reading navigation data from GNSS receiver
- Detailed navigation information on screen

Sensor information

- Receiver information
- Information about provided data

NMEA data

- Emulation of NMEA data
- Data output to COM port, up to four ports simultaneously
- Data output to network, UDP protocol, up to four destinations simultaneously


- Data output to file in GPX format
- Data output to file in KML format
- Data output to file in NMEA format

Navigation application

- Launching navigation application from menu / toolbar
- Autostart navigation application at startup
- Auto close of application in case, if navigation application will finish ("shell mode")

Online maps

- Google Maps
- Yandex Maps
- OSM Maps


- Copy of current navigation to clipboard
- Global hotkeys for copying data to the clipboard
- User defined template of navigation data in clipboard
- Save current navigation data to text tile


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