SMS messages

- Receive SMS messages
- Send SMS messages
- Send and receive "Flash" SMS messages
- Delivery reports
- Support for national alphabets
- Message templates
- Save message to file
- Print message
- Export messages to csv

USSD requests *

- Support for national alphabets
- USSD requests templates
- Virtual keyboard

Network registration

- Automatic network provider selection
- Manual network provider selection
- Automatic select of preferred data class
- Manual select of preferred data class


- Messages address book
- Import contacts from SIM card memory *
- Import contacts from csv file
- Export contacts to csv file


- New message notification
- Data class change notification
- Device connect / disconnect notification

Network information

- Provider name
- Roaming status
- Signal level (graphical view)
- Signal level (absolutely level)
- Current data class


- Custom application icons
- Custom message status icons
- Custom data class icons


- Detailed device status and configuration
- Providers search
- List of preferred providers from the SIM card *


1. USSD requests

  - USSD requests are not supported in Windows 7 operational system
  - Not all devices have support in their Windows drivers for USSD functionality

2. Import contacts from SIM card memory

  - Not all devices in their drivers have support for access to the SIM-card memory

3. List of preferred providers

  - Not all devices in their drivers have access for this information on SIM card


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